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Town Caucus - January 7, 2017
Jan 07, 2017


  Notice of  
     NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the electors of the 
Town of Lebanon, in the County of Dodge, State of 
Wisconsin, that a Town Caucus for said town will be
held at the Lebanon Town Hall at N1738 County
Road R in Lebanon on:  
 Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 11:00 o'clock AM
to nominate candidates for the town offices of:
Chairperson,  Supervisor 1,  Supervisor 2,   Clerk, 
and  Treasurer,  to  be  voted for at the Spring 
Election  to be held on the  first Tuesday of April
this year:    April 4, 2017.  
    Dated this  31st   day of  December 2016.
    Deborah Behl

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